that rests slowly

Cultivating the light touch brought to the business first by Ferrante and later by Pio, today we still produce our prosciutto the traditional way: the hams are selected from a small number of trusted suppliers, individually salted using the best salt from Trapani or Margherita di Savoia and left to cure in a traditional room where all the work is done by the gentle wind that descends from the Apennines and caresses the meat with its gentle touch.

The result is excellent quality prosciutto whose perfectly balanced flavours convey utter authenticity and the skill of experts who care for every product as if it were their own child. Genuine hands. Gentle hands. Our hands. A minimum of 18 months of quiet rest, during which the slow passing of time refines the aromas and flavours of this exceptional product. Try it and be captivated. The initial saltiness merges into a distinctive sweet flavour. Close your eyes and you'll know. It's Pio Tosini. That's the way it is.

Here is the recipe

for gentle goodness






Expertise and skilled craftsmanship


High-quality raw materials


with love

Pio Tosini

18, 24 and 36 months

Available with bone
or deboned, whole
or in pieces and pre-sliced.

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